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We Sell.  You Focus.

Sales & Revenue Generation as a Service

RedZed Group's sole purpose is to establish and run your entire sales operation for you -- driving growth and efficiency, reducing overhead and taxes, and removing the pain and learning curve associated with selling and scaling your solution. Our work ensures that you stay focused on providing the best product or service possible -- while we help to dominate your market, push revenues, and boost valuation through customer acquisition and closing sales.

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Inside / Outside Sales

RedZed Group becomes your sales operation -- saving time, creating efficiency, reducing overhead expense - and most importantly, closing clients.

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It's All On Us

The burdens of Hiring to Managing the Team, from Taxes to Closing Deals - it all falls upon us.

We'll do for you, what we do best - design and execute a highly effective sales team to acquire customers and generate revenues.

Our Teams

Sales reps work directly for RedZed Group, eliminating the bulk of your hassle, risk, cost, and a whole lot more. And we hire only the best of the best to sell to your customer base.

Reps / Account Executives can either be based: Remotely (work from home), out in the Field, or On-Site with Us.

Inside Sales

Telesales, telemarketing, direct sales, customer acquisition, shorter sales cycle, and larger markets.

- Think of RedZed Group as the "Un-Call Center" -

Outside Sales

Business Development (biz-dev), networking sales, longer sales cycle, and smaller target markets.

Whether internal account executives, or boots on the ground for external in-person sales - Rely on RedZed Group to close major deals.

RedZed Group's Key Elements

RedZed Group goes to great lengths to provide a complete revenue generation package for our clients.

Design, Hire & Train

  • Design: We custom design a revenue generation model around your business, then build the sales team from the ground up.
  • We ensure the right structure and strategy from day one. Including the onboarding process so customers and upsells stick around.
  • Hiring: The recruitment and hiring process can be painful, time consuming, and expensive. We continue to perfect the process and eliminate as many pain points as possible - with one goal in mind, hire the best fit candidates.
  • Train: Training, motivation, and incentivization are essential components to our design - to ensure not just successful reps, but keep them around for a long time.
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Leads, Prospect & Pitch

  • If any of these things were easy, you wouldn't be here researching RedZed Group. We make it simple & affordable.
  • Leads: Buying call lists, warm leads, or hiring appointment setters is very expensive and highly ineffective -- with usually less than a 1% ratio of prospect-to-lead/appointment; and then you still have to close them yourself. - Which is why we do it all for you.
  • Prospecting: Determining who to call, when, and narrowing down which prospect is likely to buy is both our science and art.
  • Pitch: We continually perfect your pitch as we go. Every call, every no, and every closed sale drives us one step closer to the best approach and most perfect pitch around your service.
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Onboarding, Sales & Tech

  • Onboarding: Yes -- We actually sell, close the deal, acquire customers, AND onboard them right into your system. Processes designed to make it easy on you, boosting revenues and retention.
  • Sales: Because we close the deal, our clients don't waste time or money on lists, leads, or appointments that go nowhere - RedZed Group handles it all, and delivers a closed sale.
  • Technology: The technologies to make this process easy, seamless, scalable, and machine driven don't exist off the shelf. Which is why apart from closing sales for you, our secondary focus is developing these dynamic tools ourselves.
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We don't stop there. We're so confident in our abilities and that our client partnerships aren't going anywhere, that we provide you our call list and prospects. They're yours to keep. -- So, why double-pay for this type of info, when it's included in our services?

RedZed Group Client Profiles - Those we Partner with.

RedZed Group helps organizations avoid the major expense and difficulty of -- establishing a new or full scale sales operation; launching new products or services; backing up or scaling existing teams to enter new markets or tap an additional client base; entering US and Canadian markets from outside the United States or Canada.

​-- Whether Launch, Growth, or Mature - we help organizations like: 
        Funded Startups;
        Existing Companies;                                                                                                                                      
        Corporate Ventures;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Investment Portfolios;
​        Foreign Companies;
        Commercialized IP;

RedZed Closes Deals

Lead & Customer Sourcing

RedZed Group's proprietary technologies and processes narrow down entire markets into highly targeted customers and decision makers that buy what we're selling.

Hiring Right - the Process

Our hiring , training, and sourcing processes allow us to continually attract and retain top sales and account executive talent.

Pitch - Perfected

We perfect your pitch and materials as we go. And apply continuous analysis to our data to close more sales and boost customer acquisition.

Seasoned Leadership

Our leadership and sales staff have closed hundreds of millions in deals, ran major sales teams, and worked with top global companies.


 Our sub-focus is continuously developing state of the art internal platforms that simply aren't available commercially - not only making our job a whole lot easier, but helping you crush sales goals.

Skin in the Game

Our client relationships are symbiotic - meaning, we participate in closed sales and upside -- ensuring that we're in this together.

Revenue Generation Strategy

As a part of our process, we help to organize and structure your overall revenue generation model and strategies. Mainly to help us determine the best approach to establishing a sales team around your product, but also to help ensure that everything we're doing aligns with what you're doing - in order to maximize our effectiveness in driving revenue, scale and customer acquisition.

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Compare RedZed Group

RedZed Group

We provide a total solution of sales, onboarding, and revenue generation services - in one comprehensive package.

    Design Sales Model
    Revenue Strategies
    Build & Employ Sales Team
    Close Sales / Deals
    Onboarding Customers
    Inside / Outside Sales
    Customer Acquisition
    Startup & Growth Experience as Founders

Call Centers & À La Carte Service Providers

We've done the research. But, feel free to compare us to other service providers. And individual services are just that, one-off products that leave you doing all the work. And don't forget about the expense.

X    Leads Only
X    Appointment Setting Only
X    Call Lists Only
X    Call Center Only (No Sales)
X    Inside Sales Only
X    Strategies Only
X    No Outside Sales
X    No Tech Founder Experience